Auto Parts Aisle

B2B / B2C eCommerce

When the Auto Parts Aisle, reseller of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories products was ready to launch its B2C eCommerce website, it set out a plan for a more flexible, feature robust best-in-class technology platform for the B2B back-end while offering the best B2C customer experience on the front-end.

Auto Parts Aisle, an B2B/B2C business specializes in automotive parts and accessories. Auto Parts Aisle is the forefront online store of to an immense quality of online shopping experience in a simplified and strategically sound marketplace. Auto Parts Aisle offers a wide variety of products from the industry leaders that are vehicle specific. Auto Parts Aisle requested Veloxigo to design and develop a responsive e- Commerce web site allowing its users to register, access the product catalog, filter through inventory, and process orders via various methods of payments. The site needed to be eye-catching and attract new audiences, technology and design-savvy auto drivers, and in order to capture this audience we had to ‘go extra miles’ with a ground-breaking state-of-the-art interactive site that would reflect the unique characteristics of the Auto Parts Aisle.


We have employed the latest and most suited technology stack for the most recent version of the Auto Parts Aisle eCommerce store. The site benefits from a wealth of technologies and hottest platforms such as; Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mongo DB, SQL Server, Elasticsearch (ELK), Redis, a comprehensive B2B CMS that focus on feature richness and simplicity and a suite of other cutting-edge libraries and technologies.

Our Approach

We needed to build an integrated B2B / B2C eCommerce store and.. 1. Bring purpose and vitality to the brand and to the customer experience throughout the entire shopping process. 2. Provide the ability to capture buyers interest and support product search activity. 3. Have the power to reach the audience and turn the leads to sales. Each visit to the site, be that a product search, browse of the brands, or price lookup needed to deliver the perfect experience, every time and through every device. The techniques to tempt, convert and build an ongoing relationship with the brand needed the same energy and consistency. Some of the implemented features:

  • User management, role access and permission controls
  • Product Catalog Management (Data Integration from multiple sources)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Advanced Product Search, and SEO Engine
  • Vehicle look-up by Year / Make / Model
  • Integrated Shopping Cart
  • Advanced Aftermarket eCommerce Features
  • Dashboard & reporting engine with meaningful insights into the sales' data
  • Responsive and Optimized Design

Results: Fully Responsive Personalized Experience

The launch of Auto Parts Aisle has been a huge success. The implementation of the latest technologies helped to achieve the sales target. The leadership team continues to take Auto Parts Aisle site to the next level by adding new features and accelerating customers experience.